NIC receives Kwak’wala name for Port Hardy campus

May 1, 2019

North Island College has been gifted the Kwak’wala name “Mix̱alakwila” for its Port Hardy/Mount Waddington Regional campus. The campus will be formally known as the Mix̱alakwila campus or NIC’s Mix̱alakwila campus in Port Hardy. The name means “maker of what’s been dreamt about.” NIC President John Bowman thanked the Elders and community members who honoured the institution with a new campus name, calling the naming “a historic event for the college.” “Our Elders have been warning us for decades and demanding that actions be taken to support the resurgence of our languages and restoration of our wellness,” said Sara Child, NIC’s Aboriginal Education Facilitator. “I am honoured to say that the college is not only listening but taking action. What is reconciliation if it’s not about responding to the voice of the Indigenous communities we serve?” Nation Talk (BC)