NS launches Treaty Education curriculum

March 11, 2020

The Government of Nova Scotia has officially launched the Treaty Education curriculum to help teach positive aspects of Mi’kmaw culture and history. The curriculum is currently being taught in K-2 classes in Cape Breton and will roll out across the rest of the province this fall. Jane Meader, Mi'kmaw educator, said that the new curriculum goes beyond talking about old historical documents. “It's about our way of life and it's about teaching the non-Aboriginal public who we are — who we are today and who we were in the past,” explained Meader. To teach these lessons, the curriculum calls for the use of four cartoon animal puppets and seven books that celebrate Mi'kmaw stories and traditions. “I like the stories," said Meader, "because I can relate to those and a lot of the Mi'kmaw children can relate to those, and it's not something that a lot of non-Aboriginal children would have experienced."” CBC (NS launches Treaty Education curriculum )