NS school find Indigenous students suspended at disproportionate rates

March 11, 2020

Chignecto Central Regional Centre for Education Regional Director Gary Adams acknowledged in a recent article from CBC that Indigenous students and African Nova Scotian students are being suspended from a rural Nova Scotian school at higher rates than students of other ethnic or racial backgrounds. Self-identified students of Indigenous and African ancestry made up only 10 per cent of the student population within the regional centre, but represented about 17% of suspensions overall, according to an August 2019 improvement plan. Adams said suspensions "are not always effective," adding that staff "are looking to explore their own bias, explore their own strategies and improve upon that data." Student Miguel Greer told CBC that "not a lot of Native students like to talk about it [high rates of suspension] because it's so hard to get a word out there and to actually have people stand behind you." CBC (NS)