Nunavik receives accreditation for science program, moves forward on curriculum development

July 12, 2017

The Education Department of Quebec has told the Kativik School Board that its science program has been accredited as of the end of June 2017. The accreditation of Nunavik’s science and math curriculum materials will enable Nunavik high school graduates to receive actual diplomas instead of certificates of attestation. “Our programs will continue to evolve, will be revised and adjusted; this is the very nature of curriculum development work and it applies to all accredited programs. Therefore, the school board will continue to require the ministry of education to review and accredit programs,” explained KSB director of education services Etua Snowball. Snowball further noted that the appointment of Josée Arsenault, QC education department director of services to Aboriginals and Northern Development, as a key contact person has “improved the responsiveness of the ministry of education related to the specific issue of accreditation of our science program.” KSB is also reportedly working on new initiatives, such as Inuit-centred environmental sciences for secondary students and a land-based curriculum. Nunatsiaq Online