Nunavut spends less per student than NWT, Yukon

July 3, 2013

A Statistics Canada report has found that Nunavut is spending less per student than neighbouring NWT and Yukon. The figure takes in all education costs, from school supplies to teacher salaries and policy work. At $15,428 per student in Grades K-12, Nunavut is ahead of the national average of $11,044, but far below the spending of NWT ($22,784) and Yukon ($19,499). The same report found that although Nunavut is spending less than NWT and Yukon per student, they are spending more of their GDP on education. With 12.2% of GDP going towards education, Nunavut is double the national average of 6.1% on educational institutions, including PSE programs. 70% of Nunavut’s education spending is going to primary and secondary schools. CBC