Nursing instructor at CNC publishes first textbook on Aboriginal health care in Canada

January 14, 2015

A nursing instructor at BC’s College of New Caledonia has published what is reportedly the first entry-level textbook dedicated to Indigenous health in Canada. Introduction to Aboriginal Health and Health Care in Canada, developed by Vasiliki Douglas, offers a historical view of Aboriginal health in Canada and an introduction to the diversity of Aboriginal cultures, followed by a section that explores topics such as determinants of Aboriginal health, diseases, mental health, women’s and children’s health, and the future of Aboriginal healthcare. The necessity for cultural safety is prominent throughout the textbook, emphasizing the need to treat patients without denying their identities, and while supporting the patient spiritually and emotionally. “Cultural safety offers the potential to bridge the divide between Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals in the health care system,” said Douglas. “I strongly believe that increased knowledge of cultural safety will improve levels of care, and wrote An Introduction to Aboriginal Health and Health Care in Canada with this in mind.” Douglas is currently working on a manuscript for a textbook that focuses on Aboriginal women’s health in Canada. CNC News | Prince George Citizen