NWT launches online tracker of educational improvement process

April 7, 2021
The Government of the Northwest Territories has launched a new online tracker for the educational improvement process, which tracks progress towards 30 action items. These action items include the creation of a JK-12 Indigenous Language Instructor Employment Plan, the development of a 3-year pilot Indigenous Language Diploma, and the modernization of the Education Act in consultation with stakeholders such as Indigenous Governments. Through the tracker, the public can access deliverables, timelines, and progress on each action item. “How we deliver equitable education in the NWT is critical for ensuring the development of accomplished, capable Northerners,” said Education Minister RJ Simpson. “The GNWT is committed to improving the NWT education system, in partnership with education bodies, Indigenous governments, communities, educators, families and students, who all have a role to play in improving educational outcomes.” Three of the items have been completed to date, and NWT told NNSL that the remaining 27 are on track for completion. NNSL | NWT (Tracker) (NWT)