OECD gives Canada “mixed marks” for Indigenous education

August 23, 2017

An Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development report has given “mixed marks for the education of indigenous students in four Canadian provinces and two territories,” reports Indian Country Today. The OECD report examined Indigenous education in Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, the Northwest Territories, and Yukon in order to identify best practices and policies for improved learning outcomes. The report found that successful schools tended to share a common formula that included “an inspirational leader; strong relationships with students, parents and local communities; capable and committed staff; the use of every possible lever to engage and support students to be successful, and sustained commitment to achieve improvements.” However, the report noted a distinct lack of regional cooperation, and expressed doubt in the system’s capacity to meet the TRC recommendation to close the education achievement gap within one generation. Indian Country Today (OECD) | NIT (OECD)