Ottawa looks to attract Indigenous youth to federal service with summer jobs program

February 22, 2017

The Canadian government says that it will offer 60 Indigenous PSE students up to 14 weeks of paid work in federal departments and agencies this summer, reports the Globe and Mail. The program is reportedly looking to build on the success of a pilot that the government launched last year, with this year’s program providing twice the number of openings in an effort to attract more young Indigenous people to work in the federal public service. The Treasury Board says the project will offer students on-the-job learning, professional development and networking, and access to cultural events and mentorship opportunities. The summer jobs will be based in the Ottawa area, but the Globe notes that students from across the country are eligible, with additional financial support being available for those living outside the capital region. “We are committed to ensuring that Indigenous Canadians help shape the public service of the future because everyone benefits when the government is enriched by fresh perspectives and innovative ideas,” said Treasury Board President Scott Brison in a news release. Globe and Mail