Prince George school board leaders resign after report verifying racism, culture of fear

September 22, 2021
Two Prince George school board leaders have resigned after a report found systemic anti-Indigenous racism and a “substantial culture of fear” in the district. Board of education chair Trent Derrick stated that his voice as an Indigenous person was not heard and explained that graduation rates for Indigenous students has stayed low in the last 15 years with no attempts for improvements being successful. “As for Indigenous voices, they need to be heard,” said Derrick. “It is their land, their voice. Real change will happen once they have an equitable say at the table. If truth and reconciliation was truly important, the local First Nations need to be part of the solution in a truly meaningful way.” Vice-chair Shuirose Valimohamed also resigned, explaining that she felt “muzzled” and unsafe as a minority. “I can no longer be part of a system that doesn’t do right by Indigenous students,” said Valimohamed. “It’s the residential schools all over again in 2021, except the system is doing it openly under policies procedures and Roberts rules.” Castanet | CBC (BC)