Provincial revisions to curriculum range from “quite intense” changes in BC to stagnation in ON

October 16, 2019

"The process of including Indigenous history and perspectives into school curricula has been slow and there is still more work to be done,” write Jasmine Kabatay and Rhiannon Johnson. The authors highlight progress in regions across Canada and find that different provincial and territorial education systems have performed varying levels of revision to their curricula. British Columbia has seen “quite intense” revisions to its curriculum, with changes to the K-9 curriculum in 2016 and changes to Grades 11 and 12 coming into effect this September. Yukon school boards are using the BC curriculum as a model, with the addition of unique perspectives from First Nations in the territory. Nova Scotia has partnered with the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia and incorporated treaty education into the public school curriculum across all grade levels. On the other hand, the authors note that Manitoba’s “curriculum hasn’t really changed,” that Quebec still does not have any mandatory Indigenous content in its curriculum, and that Ontario is awaiting a second round of revisions. CBC (National)