Punjabi community launches Aboriginal student fund at UBC

October 5, 2016

Indo-Canadian business owners from the Surrey and Vancouver area have launched an Aboriginal student fund in order to support First Nations student enrolment at the University of British Columbia. Working in partnership with UBC’s development office, they have spearheaded a $400K fund that will be called the UBC Centennial Scholars Major Entrance Award for Aboriginal Students. The fund will be provided to five students a year for four years, for a total of 20 recipients. “While immigrants like my family, as like many Punjabis, have come to this land and have been able to access higher education, many of the First Nations people have not been able to do that for a whole variety of reasons,” said owner of Sandhurst Group Barj Dhahan. “So those of us who have immigrated here have benefited from the material wealth of the land, and then the wealth of the education system that is created here.” BIV