QC invests $19.4M in educational initiatives to create closer ties with Indigenous people

December 15, 2021
The Government of Quebec has announced nearly $20M to support three initiatives focused on supporting Indigenous youth integration in the education system and informing youth about the experiences of Indigenous people. The three initiatives include a partnership to create new educational material about the realities faced by Indigenous people, the provision of new supports to Indigenous youth in the public school system, and a long-term plan to integrate an Indigenous perspective into the revision of all programs. “More and more elementary and secondary schools, colleges and even universities are calling on the members of the Table on First Nations and Inuit Student Success to ‘Indigenize’ the educational content,” explained Denis Gros-Louis of the Table. The announcement was made at the Kiuna Institute, which is the only Indigenous cégep in Quebec. CTV News | Global News | Nation Talk (QC)