QC provides $5M to create a new residence for Indigenous students at ULaval

November 17, 2021
The Government of Quebec has announced that it will be providing $5M to support the creation of a new living environment for Indigenous students and their families on Université Laval’s campus. The living environment–which aims to be more than a residence–will provide safe and affordable housing for Indigenous students pursuing graduate studies. Student tenants and their family members will have access to culturally relevant and integrated services with the aim of empowering them. “[Indigenous peoples’] participation in our society is essential, and their participation in student life in our CEGEPs and universities is a very important factor in this regard,” said Benoit Charrette, who is the QC minister responsible for the fight against racism. “I am delighted to see different organizations joining forces to carry out this promising project, and I hope that its completion will contribute to the development of the aboriginal communities of Quebec.” The project will be piloted by Société immobilière du Regroupement des centers d'amitié autochtones du Québec (SIRCAAQ). Newswire (QC)