QC spends $1.6M to rectify outdated Indigenous content in textbooks

October 3, 2018

The Government of Quebec has spent $1.6M to replace the words “Amerindian” and “Native Americans” and modify other content in history textbooks that were introduced two years ago. The cost of the effort has reportedly been a source of controversy, but First Nations leaders say that the changes were an essential gesture of respect. “In this case, the review allows for much more than a debate on semantics; it also allows for a much-needed rectification of proper history instruction,” read a statement from the First Nations Education Council. “We believe that mutual understanding and establishing the facts are paramount in a context of reconciliation.” Ghislain Picard, chief of the Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador, added that terminology issues should not be taken lightly, pointing to the offence taken by many members of the francophone majority from the outdated term “French-Canadian” in official materials. CTV News