Questions emerge over training, experience of instructors teaching mandatory Indigenous courses

October 5, 2016

While mandatory Indigenous course requirements are a positive step forward, challenges remain in how institutions will deliver these courses effectively and ethically, say students from Lakehead University. Along with the University of Winnipeg, Lakehead is one of the only institutions in Canada to have made the completion of a course on Indigenous issues mandatory for all students. Yet as fourth-year Lakehead undergraduate student Kayla Tanner notes, “I'm being taught by a non-Indigenous instructor and this professor, I feel, is perpetuating those stereotypes that we're talking about.” Lakehead Interim Vice-provost of Aboriginal initiatives Peggy Smith says that the school is conscious of these concerns and that it welcomes ongoing collaboration, adding that the school has committed to hiring an Indigenous curriculum specialist who will support faculty in meeting the learning outcomes for its Indigenous content requirement. CBC