Recent report calls for improvements in tracking, improving Indigenous education in Canada

February 21, 2018

A recently released report on education in Canada has found that Indigenous peoples continue to be left behind by the education system. The report states that while 92% of non-Indigenous people between the ages of 20-24 have their high school certificate, only 84% of Métis people, 75% of off-reserve First Nations peoples, and 48% of on-reserve First Nations peoples hold theirs. The report co-authors point in particular to the need for better data collection methods and information sharing in order to improve graduation rates while broadening the style of delivery of education. “When you know where you are, you can target where to go. When you know where there’s a gap, you can try to fix the gap,” said report co-author Parisa Mahboubi. “With that kind of information, educators are able to design programs that help Indigenous students to perform better in all areas.” Medicine Hat News