Record number of Aboriginal graduates from UBC

June 5, 2013

The University of British Columbia celebrated the highest number of Aboriginal graduates ever, surpassing the record set last year by 25%. 155 Aboriginal students graduated from 14 of 15 faculties, including medicine and law; only pharmaceutical sciences did not have a graduate, and as there are currently Aboriginal students in that faculty, officials hope that next year all 15 faculties will celebrate Aboriginal graduates. There are 3 reasons being given for the increase in graduates: increased attention to Aboriginal students and their needs in recruitment, retention, and admission; better transitions from high school to university; and an increased ability to find work in home communities. UBC officials caution that the numbers are still below parity with non-Aboriginal graduates, with only 1.5% of students at UBC identifying as Aboriginal, compared with 5% in the general population of BC. The Tyee