Regina-based organization focused on teaching newcomers about Indigenous history, culture

August 7, 2019

The Regina Open Door Society is working to combat the negative attitudes and stereotypes about Indigenous people that young newcomers are “bombarded with” when they first arrive in the country. The society is currently holding a summer program for youth called Reconciliation through Education that teaches newcomers about historic events in Canada that have impacted Indigenous people and involves them in First Nations cultural practices. "You should learn about Canada and its history, and the people who lived here before, before coming to Canada and before assuming something they are," said Raj Metker, who moved to Regina from India one year ago. "I think all the newcomers should help Indigenous people regain and recover from the previous things. I am doing that by learning about them.” Youth case worker Megan Brooks described the program as an “introduction of starting to build bridges rather than […] divides.” CBC (SK)