Renaming Ryerson is about addressing colonialism, not sanitizing it: opinion

July 26, 2017

There is a “certain irony” to the fact that many people are insisting that Ryerson University continue to be named after a man whose ideas were pivotal in the creation of residential schools, writes Doug George-Kanentiio for CBC. The author responds specifically to an editorial by Angela Wright, who argued earlier this week that renaming Ryerson University would only push Canada’s colonial history out of view. George-Kanentiio argues, however, that “changing Ryerson's name would do little more than rescind the name of a man who was an integral part of one of the most shameful aspects of Canadian history.” The author points out that cities like Mumbai and Iqaluit have been renamed in order to address the legacy of colonial rule. “Renaming should reflect the need to speak honestly about our common experiences and our past,” the author concludes. “The name ‘Ryerson’ should not be part of our future.” CBC