Report reveals racism experienced by Indigenous students at UWinnipeg

March 11, 2020

The University of Winnipeg's Chair of Indigenous Studies Jacqueline Romanow has released a report detailing the racism and discrimination that Indigenous students have experienced on campus. A key finding of the report was that Indigenous students at UWinnipeg are facing more racism, more often, than even some of the more-commonly studied racialized populations in North America. "The data collected suggests that both the frequency and unpredictability of these racist experiences are extremely stressful for Indigenous students and have a concrete negative impact on their lives," explains Romanow in the report. She concludes that, "given the depth and breadth of the problem, it is likely that much more work will need to be done to address what is clearly a significant problem, not only at the University of Winnipeg, but across the city and the nation." Brandon Sun | Policy Alternatives (MB)