SK will not reach 65% target for Indigenous grad rates: advocate

May 2, 2018

An advocate for children and youth in Saskatchewan says that he does not believe that the SK government will achieve Indigenous high school student graduation rates of 65% by 2020. SK Advocate for Children and Youth Corey O'Soup released a report on the subject last month, highlighting issues related to mental health and education. “If we're going up 1.4 per cent per year, I find it pretty difficult that we'll do 20 per cent in the next two years, so I would say no — and I was a part of the ministry when we set those targets and I think they were pretty ambitious,” said O'Soup. CBC reports that graduation rates among First Nations and Métis students in the province have lagged behind non-Indigenous students for years. In 2012, the SK government announced the goal of closing the gap in high school graduation rates between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students by half by 2020. CBC | Global News