SNP celebrates completion of campus renovations, launches language app

November 29, 2017

At the celebration of the open house of Six Nations Polytechnic’s new campus, the Mohawk word for thank you – “nya:weh” – was heard often. The new campus was finished during the 25th anniversary of the school. Visitors to the open house learned about the renovations that have been made to the campus over the last year, including the installation of 70,000 feet of cable to support the building’s IT systems, the addition of 1,500 solar panels on the roof, and various landscaping and gardening initiatives. “We believe in our students above all else, and hope that these renovations will foster a learning environment that will lead to even greater success and happiness for every one of them,” SNP President Rebecca Jamieson said in a statement. The school has also launched an app designed to help people learn the Mohawk Language that allows users to learn greetings, numbers, places, feelings, clans, and nations. “For years, our languages have been relegated and marginalized,” said Tom Deer, who teaches Mohawk and Cayuga at SNP. “This is one way for our languages to take their place in the world.” 

Brantford Expositor | CBC | Times Colonist