SNP, Western partner to deliver graduate level education program

February 7, 2018

The newly launched Dryden Urban Indigenous Homeward Bound Project is designed to help vulnerable Indigenous single moms to become self-sufficient. The project includes a four-year program that helps mothers with affordable housing, child care, education, and employment training. “When we take the women in, we'll be doing an assessment with them to ensure that they're ready to take this life changing initiative,” explained Dryden Friendship Centre Executive Director Sally Ledger. “So they come in [and] they get the wrap around support [and] the first entrance is the pre-course. From there we will connect them with a college diploma course ... [and] from the college course they get a one-year on the job training, from [there] we support them to get adequate employment.” The initiative is the result of community collaboration that involved partners such as Confederation College, the City of Dryden, and Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services. CBC