Special advisers uncover evidence of systemic racism in Prince George school board

September 8, 2021
The special advisers appointed by the Government of British Columbia have uncovered evidence of systemic racism within the Prince George school board, reports CBC. Special advisers Kory Wilson and Catherine McGregor released a report that explained that “we heard many examples of behaviours and practices that are clearly discriminatory and systemically racist.” Issues included alterative programs being used as “a ‘holding tank’ for Indigenous kids,” questions around the school board’s use of technology funding, and Indigenous children not being allowed to progress to full-day kindergarten. Indigenous staff and students also commented on the atmosphere of discrimination in the school system. “I walk into a school, my chest tightens,” said one person, while another reported overhearing someone complaining about having to “hang up that stupid flag” in reference to a First Nations flag. “Though some will argue it is not intentional the outcomes have disproportionate effects on Indigenous students and can only be explained as such,” wrote the advisers. CBC | The Globe and Mail | Global News (BC)