Squamish Nation, North Vancouver School District sign Indigenous education protocol 

February 6, 2019

The North Vancouver School District and the Squamish Nation have signed a formal agreement to collaborate to improve education for Indigenous students in North Vancouver. reports North Shore News. Brad Baker, district principal of Indigenous education, noted that the new agreement “raises the bar” for both the school district and the Squamish Nation in supporting both the academic success and sense of belonging of local First Nations students. A key component of the agreement is a commitment to collaborate on how the school district will spend the approximately $1.3M in annual funding earmarked for Indigenous education. Among the terms of the agreement are an emphasis on the continued inclusion of Squamish Nation language, culture, and history in courses offered in the school district, meetings between the two governments to discuss how to ease transitions like the start of elementary and high school, and students’ ability to include a First Nations advocate in discussions with school administrators. North Shore News (BC)