Students publish book about their First Nation’s history

June 4, 2014

Grade 4 and 5 students from the White Bear First Nation have created a book that relates aspects of the history of their First Nation, including the establishment of reservations, treaties, and traditional spirituality. The school is part of the Treaty 4 Success program, which “seeks to design and implement a common strategy with the goal of First Nation student success through student retention, literacy, numeracy, and community engagement.” The students’ book, White Bear First Nations, will now be used as an example for other schools participating in the program that wish to produce their own books. Executive Director Lori Whiteman explained that the program “reinforces that it’s a valid history and valid story to be told from each of the communities and each of those children is connected to those stories. It’s important for them to learn about that early in their education and to learn about it continuously throughout their learning experience in a First Nation school.” Carlyle Observer