Study shows vast majority of Indspire recipients receive PSE credential

February 25, 2015

A new report released by Indspire shows that 93% of the Indigenous recipients of Indspire's Building Better Futures (BBF) awards program graduated with a PSE credential, and 82% of those graduates are employed. The report, Creating Positive Outcomes: Graduation and Employment Rates of Indspire’s Financial Award Recipients, gathered data from 1,248 BBF recipients who received funding between 2000–01 and 2012–13. The data further shows that of those graduates who are employed, 84% reported that they now serve Indigenous people in their jobs. The highest level of education completed for 50% of respondents was an undergraduate degree, 22% completed a graduate degree, 15% graduated from a college program, 8% obtained a professional designation, and 5% obtained an institutional certificate or high school diploma. “This report reinforces the effectiveness of financial aid in closing Canada’s education gap for Aboriginal students,” said Paul Davidson, President of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC). “Along with culturally relevant curriculum, programs, and outreach, financial support is key to improving both access and success for Indigenous students in post-secondary education.” Indspire News | Full Report