ON teacher uses Twitter to revive Munsee language

August 7, 2019

In Southwestern Ontario, educator Ian McCallum is using social media to revive the Munsee language. McCallum is a First Nations and Métis resource and elementary school teacher in the Barrie area, and he has begun posting translations and phrases to Twitter twice a day to reach people interested in the language. “I do simple vocabulary (translation) or I do things I think people find interesting. Sometimes I get off the beaten track and I will translate a song from the Eighties or Seventies for interest sake,” said McCallum. “It’s important to me because I believe a lot of the stories and deeper understanding of the culture is in the language. If the language ceases to exist, you lose that deeper meaning and connections with the world around you.” The Kingston Whig Standard states that McCallum uses his knowledge to create the language curriculum for Munsee-Delaware Nation. The Kingston Whig Standard (ON)