Teachers in northern First Nation walk off jobs, demand first wage hike in 20 years

November 30, 2016

Pimicikamak teachers have begun picketing for what would reportedly be their first wage hike in 20 years. The teachers state that they make tens of thousands of dollars less than their provincially funded counterparts, and that they had no choice but to go on strike after failed meetings with the Pimicikamak chief and council. “We went to the same universities. We got the same degrees. We got the same experiences, the same job, the same services being delivered, with less resources," says spokesperson Allan Ross. Ross states that he has been a teacher for 26 years and receives just over $57K a year, while “in Thompson, they make $96,000 at the same five-year level, with 10 years experience max.” Councillor Mervin Garrick states that the band supports the teachers and their demands, but is unable to afford the 40%  salary increase requested. CBC reports that the teachers plan to picket until their salary demands are met. CBC