Tl’etinqox First Nation to construct new daycare, provide education up to Grade 12

March 10, 2021
Tl’etinqox First Nation has received approval for funding through the Government of British Columbia to build a 76-space daycare. Chief Joe Alphonse expressed his excitement for the announcement, explaining that childcare can be challenging to come by in rural communities. Construction is expected to begin this spring, and Alphonse said that he anticipates that the Tl’etinqox ?Esqax (Anaham Children) would be completed by March 2022. The Toronto Starreports that, starting in the next school year, the Tl’etinqox School will also be providing education for students up to Grade 12. “I think having and being able to teach right up to Grade 12 right in our community and immerse our kids in our language as long as we can it’s really big steps for our community and positive ones,” Alphonse said. “You want healthier kids, and they stay home, they study their language, their culture. They’re supervised, and they can stay on the right path.” The Toronto Star (BC)