TRC reconvenes to call on governments, Canadians, to renew commitments to reconciliation

December 16, 2020
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has reconvened for the first time in five years in order to renew the sense of urgency, purpose, and unity in fulfilling the 94 calls to action. The commissioners said that Canadians from all walks of life embraced the calls to action, but expressed concern about the slow and uneven pace of implementation. They additionally pointed to recently leaked documents from the Government of Alberta, which argued that information about residential schools should not be taught to children in Grade 3, as an example of a step back. “This is not just an Indigenous story. This is about us all as Canadians,” said Murray Sinclair, who chaired the TRC. “This is about how we have been educated. This is about how our ancestors acted and interacted and therefore, we need to figure out how our participation will move this conversation forward.” Globe and Mail (National)