UBC law scholar wins bid for rights hearing after being denied tenure

February 10, 2016

The BC Human Rights Tribunal has dismissed the no-evidence motion put forward by UBC in the case of former UBC professor Lorna June McCue. According to the National Post, McCue was denied tenure and did not have her contract renewed by UBC in 2012, partially due to a failure to submit any peer-reviewed research during her term of employment. According to the Vancouver Sun, McCue claims that peer-reviewed research is contrary to Indigenous oral traditions, and that UBC’s research standard has thus discriminated against her “race, colour, ancestry, … and sex.” UBC lawyers have argued that “nothing about indigeneity ... prevents an Indigenous person from having the capability of meeting the university’s requirements.” With the dismissal of the no-evidence motion, the BC Human Rights Tribunal will now move to a full hearing of McCue's case. National Post | Ubyssey | Inside Higher Ed