uLethbridge launches protocol handbook

October 23, 2013

The University of Lethbridge General Faculties Council has released a new protocol handbook that provides guidelines for the uLethbridge community when including Blackfoot and other First Nations, Métis, and Inuit cultural practices into ceremonies and events on campus. The guidebook was developed with Dr. Leroy Little Bear, a professor of Native American Studies and the FNMI Advisor to the President, and Roy Weasel Fat, Interim Director of the FNMI Centre, with input from local elders. The handbook contains information on the significance of including traditions at events such as convocation, the importance of eagle feather gifts, and pronunciations of Blackfoot greetings. Little Bear stated he is “very pleased to have had a role in developing this resource, which provides a foundation for ongoing exchange that we hope enriches the educational experience at the University of Lethbridge.” uLethbridge News Release | Protocol Handbook