UManitoba students lobby for Indigenous language education

April 4, 2018

Noah Wilson, co-president of the Aboriginal Students Association at the University of Manitoba, is leading the ReconciliAction campaign, which will lobby Canadian universities to create official degrees and diplomas in Indigenous languages. “It's about bringing light to the TRC Calls to Action, and ensuring that the calls to action are being implemented,” Wilson told CBC. The campaign’s launch featured panels that included elders, students, and administrators. According to CBC, UManitoba President David Barnard praised the campaign and stated that the university is committed to implementing Indigenous language education. “Language is an important part of who we are. The TRC is addressing those things that have been taken away, and mainly one of those things was the language,” said UManitoba sessional instructor Aandeg Muldrew. Muldrew added that he is excited about the possibility of having Indigenous language programs at a university level, though he wishes that Indigenous language degrees were already available. CBC