UVic to remove name of first BC lieutenant governor from residence, citing racist actions

June 14, 2017

The University of Victoria will remove the name of British Columbia’s first lieutenant-governor from one of its residences, citing his racist views and poor treatment of First Nations peoples. The Times Colonist reports that Trutch frequently referred to First Nations peoples in derogatory ways, and even refused to acknowledge the British mandate of fair treatment, ignoring treaties and titles in order to provide more land for white settlers. The change was reportedly inspired by a petition started by Lisa Schnitzler, who said she was in her second year of English and Indigenous studies when she examined the background of the building in which she lived. She posted a petition to Facebook, which garnered nearly 100 signatures in support and some criticism. “There were a few people who said everyone was racist back then and that we can’t erase history,” said Schnitzler, who says that she replied to the criticism with the motto, “we’re not erasing history, we’re confronting it.” Times Colonist