Winnipeg-based Niji Mahkwa School celebrates 25 years

May 16, 2018

Niji Mahkwa School, an elementary school in Winnipeg that infuses Indigenous language and teachings into its curriculum from nursery to Grade 8, held a special pipe ceremony to mark its 25th anniversary. “What makes Niji Mahkwa both special and unique and successful is the fact that we integrate traditional knowledge and ceremony into our day-to-day practices,” said Principal Chris Goring. “So not only are our teachers having to teach a robust regular curriculum, just like any other school, [we also] have a cultural continuum, which is a thematic-based cultural guide that the teachers infuse into their regular classroom.” Students are not required to live in a particular catchment area to attend, and many come from First Nations communities. “If you collaborate and work with your stakeholders and listen to the voices of the children and the parents,” explained Goring, “a school like Niji Mahkwa can happen and thrive anywhere.” CBC