YFNED studies Yukon Department of Education works to improve success of Indigenous students

June 2, 2021

Yukon First Nation Education Directorate (YFNED) is studying the attendance, graduation, and success rates of Indigenous K-12 students in an effort to improve these statistics. Using data from Yukon’s Department of Education, YFNED is examining the challenges and successes that Indigenous students within the education system face. “We have a significant population of students that are missing more than 80 days in the school calendar year,” said Melanie Bennett, director of YFNED. “Why are they not showing up at school? It could be disengagement, there could be a myriad of factors from some of the policies that are in place, the school calendar crossing when we have traditional hunting times.” Bennett says that more must be done to support Indigenous students in the territory. “It’s disheartening. But I’m an optimist. We have to ask the hard questions of why, and then put the measures in place,” said Bennett. CBC (YK)