YK passes bill to transform Yukon College into Canada’s first northern university

December 11, 2019

The Yukon Legislature has passed a bill to make Yukon College Canada’s first Arctic university. Once Yukon College has transitioned to Yukon University, it will become the first institution in the territories to grant a degree under its own name. Research at the new school will focus on northern issues, such as environmental conservation and sustainable resource development, with additional emphasis on Indigenous content. The Globe and Mail explains that science programs will have traditional knowledge embedded in them; anthropology classes will teach creation stories alongside archeological evidence; and all students will be required to have a foundational understanding of Yukon First Nations to graduate. “Our vision is to be the first northern university that focuses on Indigenous governance, that focuses on sustainable natural resources, that focuses on northern climate, and everything that flows from that,” said Chairman of the Yukon College Board of Governors Tom Ullyett. Globe and Mail | CTV (YK)