YK schools to introduce new curriculum that emphasizes First Nations culture and heritage

February 8, 2017

The Yukon Department of Education is rolling out a new curriculum that will put a stronger emphasis on YK First Nations culture and heritage while requiring fewer exams. Nicole Morgan, the assistant deputy minister for curriculum, explains that the curriculum will see a greater emphasis on experiential learning. “[T]hey can gather different samples from their environment where they learn about their science, they talk about Yukon First Nations' ways of knowing and doing in terms of stewardship, and the importance of traditional territory and the place they're at, and go back to the classroom and write about it,” explained Morgan. While the territory will still largely follow British Columbia’s curriculum, deputy minister Judy Arnold explained that the material will be tailored to reflect local culture, and will see fewer exams for secondary students. Yukon News explains that the new curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 9 will be rolled out this fall, while the curriculum for Grade 10 to 12 will see an update in 2018. CBC | Yukon News