Youth programs introduce students to current issues

January 14, 2015

2 new programs are providing opportunities for Indigenous youth to explore topics such as the environment and the Canadian justice system. At Ottawa’s Rideau High School, the Dare to Dream program—created by Canadian Lawyers Abroad (CLA)—allows Indigenous students aged 11-14 to take part in a mock trial and go on field trips to the court house, high-profile law firms, and law schools. “In essence the program seeks to positively transform the way Aboriginal youth perceive and engage with the justice system,” said CLA Executive Director Brittany Twiss. “So it's a program focused on justice education, empowerment, and mentorship.” In BC, Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon has launched Stewards of the Future, an environmental education program for high school teachers and student leaders throughout the province. The program provides grants for field trips, fees for programs and guest speakers, and other expenses; program partners include BC Parks and the Ministry of Education. Stewards of the Future emphasizes hands-on, "place-based" experience to foster appreciation and enhancement of biodiversity, encouraging open discussion around issues affecting natural surroundings. CBC | Revelstoke Times Review