Yukon College announces its first independent degree program

October 22, 2014

Yukon College has announced that it will begin offering its first made-in-Yukon degree program and post-graduate certificate program in 2017. The college currently offers 3 degree programs in collaboration with the University of Alberta and the University of Regina. The new degree program, a 3-year Bachelor of Policy Studies in Indigenous Governance, is designed “to foster executive leadership with respect to administrative, political and corporate management, and from an Indigenous perspective," said Director of First Nations Initiatives Tosh Southwick. The Yukon government has committed to help fund the new degree program and the new one-year post-graduate certificate in climate change and public policy. YK Minister of Education Elaine Taylor stated, “by enabling more Yukon students to remain at home and continue their education, and by creating niche programs that attract more students from around the world, these advancements will develop and retain knowledge in the North, as well as bring new dollars to the territory.” Yukon College News | CBC