Yukon College forms partnerships to benefit learners

January 28, 2015

Yukon College recently invited representatives from local First Nations to sign the Indigenous Education Protocol for Colleges and Institutes, recently developed by Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan). The Protocol consists of 7 principles that are considered key to support the learning needs of Indigenous peoples and the socio-economic development of Indigenous communities. The Protocol highlights opportunities for PSE institutions to collaborate with First Nations communities, as well as recommendations to include First Nations traditions in curriculum, increase the number of Indigenous staff, and support local self-determination through education and research. In other news at the college, a new partnership with the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA-NWT) will allow Yukon College to deliver the Supply Management Training diploma program, consisting of courses in negotiation skills, competitive bidding, contract preparation and management, accounting and finance, marketing, business planning, and communications. CBC | Yukon College News