YukonU research chair to share Indigenous knowledge, stories through TikTok accelerator

November 17, 2021
The National Screen Institute has launched a TikTok accelerator to support Indigenous creators who share stories through TikTok. Yukon University research chair in Indigenous knowledge Jocelyn Joe-Strack was chosen from the Yukon to participate in the accelerator program. Program participants will learn about the technical aspects of content creation, such as sound and lighting, and will receive training in areas such as social responsibility and digital wellness. “In my TikToks, I talk about the teachings of earth. Earth is our ultimate teacher,” said Joe-Strack. “Through climate change, through the snow, through observing squirrels; we can gain our own teachings on how to better our relationship with the land, each other, and even within ourselves. Now there’s an opportunity to share it through these one-minute little clips through TikTok.” APTN News (YK)