Demand for instructors' academic qualifications rises with number of degree-granting colleges

August 10, 2010

As more and more Canadian colleges offer degrees, the pressure is on for instructors to strengthen their resumés with academic qualifications in order to remain qualified as teachers, despite years or decades of experience. In Ontario, there are 6 colleges with applications before the provincial government for new or revised degree programs, including Sheridan College, where some instructors in the music theatre program have scurried to obtain their qualification just in time for the program's degree granting transformation next year. Like the population in general, college instructors need to have a higher level of post-secondary attainment, says ACCC president James Knight. "Yes, some people with great experience may, from time to time, be unhappy with this, but that's where we're heading as a society," he says, adding that colleges take pride in their faculty's achievements. Canadian Press