UoGuelph vet college working to save more dogs in training program

July 30, 2010

The University of Guelph says it will employ more resources in a Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) summer program to reduce the number of young beagles that die during training. This summer, 10 out of 20 dogs have died in a program that allows immigrant vets to obtain their credentials to work in Ontario. The dogs, which are bred specifically for use at OVC, have died as a result of spay and neuter surgeries. UoGuelph's director of communications says additional resources in the future will help keep more dogs alive in order to adopt them out. The treatment of beagles at OVC was called into question last week when Animal Alliance of Canada called out to its members to adopt the animals. An Alliance staff member says if students are given the option to use cadaver dogs, the vet college should not even offer a live option. QMI Agency