Every Facebook fan is worth $136

June 15, 2010

Syncapse, a social media marketing firm, surveyed a panel of 4,000 North American consumers this month about their interactions with the top 20 brands on Facebook (including Nokia, Axe, Playstation and Red Bull). On average, those who had “liked” a brand’s official page were 28% more likely to continue using the brand, 41% more likely to recommend it to a friend, and spent $71.84 more on the brand annually. Adding together spending, loyalty, recommendations and earned media value, Syncapse calculates the average Facebook fan has a value of $136.38 – although they range from $270.77 down to $0. (Syncapse deducts 47 cents as the average cost to acquire a Facebook fan.) It should be noted that these fans would still have value without Facebook at all.  BizReport  |  Syncapse Report (PDF)