Humber, police investigate Facebook boast of sexual assault

April 15, 2013

Humber College and Toronto police are investigating a Facebook page, claiming to be connected to the college, on which an anonymous user bragged about sexually assaulting a young woman. The page, called "Humber Epic Hookup Fails," featured the college's logo as its profile picture and went online last Wednesday. By Thursday morning its content prompted disgusted Humber students to complain to college officials, who contacted Facebook and had the page removed. A Humber official says the college reacted to the news of the post with shock and disappointment. "One of Humber's values is the value of respect," he says. "This type of activity or allegation certainly suggests there is less than respect for an individual." Humber is working with police to determine the identity of the poster and whether the account is true or not. Toronto Star | Globe and Mail | CBC