CIDA-funded institute at StFX watching move cautiously

April 2, 2013

The federal government's decision to fold the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) into the Department of Foreign Affairs is being watched closely by St. Francis Xavier University, whose Coady International Institute gets a third of its funding from CIDA. The institute, which provides development training to hundreds of international students, had just submitted its most recent proposal for funding to CIDA -- nearly $1 million a year -- when the agency was absorbed by Foreign Affairs. "I don't think we should be alarmed yet," says the institute's director. "There’s some good news in this story, CIDA has assured us and others that existing projects will be continued. The overall CIDA budget has not been cut this year, which is good in times of austerity." The 5-year agreement between CIDA and the institute expires in December. CBC