Crandall U drops request for municipal funding

February 5, 2013

Crandall University will not apply for $150,000 that it has received annually as it tries to move away from controversy over what some argue are anti-gay policies, according to president Bruce Fawcett. The private Christian institution receives $150,000 annually from the City of Moncton. That funding has upset some gay rights groups, who say public money is being used to fund a school with anti-gay policies. Fawcett says Crandall U will not apply for Moncton's annual capital contribution this year. "We found it to be a distraction from our key mission which is students and educating them and investing in them and we thought we needed to move on from that at this point," he says. Crandall U is not moving away from its policy that prohibits the hiring of individuals in same-sex relationships. Fawcett says New Brunswick's Human Rights Act gives the university the right to set staffing policies in keeping with its Christian beliefs. CBC